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Esoteric Practitioner

Life Coach, Healer and

Clairvoyant Reader 

Tauranga NZ

Mob: 021 990 723

Intl: +64 21 990 723

Hello Everyone

We are living in a very different world today, even from 10 yrs. ago

There's a change happening, a Positive change that is affecting everyone on Earth and this includes Lady Gaia (earth) herself.


It is called the ”Ascension Phase". Humanity is waking up from its slumber and becoming aware of the Creative Source Within. We are moving towards Empowerment instead of Power over others.

Living more harmoniously with each other rather than Creating wars.

This is a wonderful life we are witnessing. To choose Love and Compassion over fear and hatred is what the "Ascension Phase" is all about.

 I create and facilitate workshops that help people to re-discover themselves.

I teach techniques when used every day, will enrich your life permanently. It's 1 hour long on all workshops if working with one person or 2 hours with up to 6 people. The investment stays the same.

Skype workshops are available if you prefer. paulettecartier_1 (skype name) 

I'll send you all relevant information by email and an agreed time that suits the both of us.

"Inner Alignment" Workshop

This one on one workshop is designed to teach you insightful skills on Self-Worth, Empowerment, Quantum Self & your Soul.

There will be 4 x 1 hour + teachings.

 (once a week/fortnight)

This gives you enough time to practice these modalities before you learn more on the next workshop.

Areas we will cover are:

Being present/Polarities/Quantum timelines/Your Soul plus much more.

You'll also receive esoteric guidance to align you more fully with your Higher Self.

All workshop materials are included.

Investment: $100 per workshop.

This is also an online workshop

Please read the icon for more information

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"Child Within" Workshop

Everyone has a playful side. It's our child within and it has been known to be named the "Angelic" part of us. This is because we let go and just be. Watch children play, they're happy one moment and sad the next. However they always come back to living in the NOW. We all need to remind ourselves to LIGHTEN up and

Believe in who we are.

Investment: $100

Please read the icon for more details on the workshop

"Welcoming the Goddess within"


These workshops are linked to the Ascension Phase that we are going though. These are Positive times we're in and has never  been achieved before with Humanity on Earth. These workshops are designed for wo/men as there is a Balance needed with the Feminine and Masculine Energies.

It helps with the understanding of what is happening to ourselves and the planet.

Learn why your Spiritual Intelligence (Innate) is so important.

Compassion is the key that opens the higher levels of you which is how you change your reality.

If you want Permanent Change in your life and you have Pure Intent, you will have more Joy, Peace and Abundance.

I'll teach you techniques to connect with your Higher Self which in turn changes everything around you. You become so much more Empowered. You'll understand how to access your Akashic records, connect with the Child Within and much more...

You'll receive charts, workshop materials  plus a bracelet to use as a tool.

 I will be holding them in the Nelson area, however will travel if there is enough interest.

Each of the 3 levels are around an hour long for one-on-one workshops and about 2 weeks apart. This helps to process the information at a gentle pace. I can offer group workshops if you are requiring it.

These workshops are now available through skype. 

If you prefer this please let me know.

Any inquiries for workshop dates or more information please phone or email me..

Namaste ~ Paulette

INVESTMENT $100 each level

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