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I always believed that there was life after life. After having sat down with Paulette for half an hour, she confirmed my belief. Knowing that past loved ones are still with you and guiding you is very comforting to me.

For all these skeptics out there, please don't knock it until you have tried it.

Paulette helped me to realize that I do have a purpose as sometimes you wonder "Why am I here?", it can

take some people a long time to find out. I feel better after this experience!

Jennie D. (Mindarie WA)


I have never gone into this kind of thing. I was a bit sceptical. You are what you are! But that can change.

I am 73 years old. My wife talked me into having a reading. I thought..Yes!..because if you have not done it

then you can't make a comment. I thank Jennie my wife.

I would like to thank Paulette for helping me understand.

Patrick D. (Mindarie WA)


I have been a client of Paulette's.. a number of times over several years and have found her to be very professional and loving. Her insight into me has been remarkable. She brings her own unique skills and knowledge to a session which I found to be very helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Paulette's work to others.

Brenda M (Gold Coast QLD)


I find Paulette is a very spiritual person with an excellent sense of humour, with uncanny accuracy with her readings. She knows how to make light of often dire situations one can find themselves in life, so that after her reading you are left feeling better and lighter and more hopeful within yourself! Her own personal growth on herself is also awesome, over many years she continues to see the big picture for herself as well as others instead of getting "bogged down". You may not get to hear what you want to hear but what you need to hear for the greatest good.

DJ  (Tuart Hill WA)


My name is Linda Sinclair of Burns Beach Cafe & Restaurant. Paulette has been part of our team since August 2013. She has a good influence in our business due to increase in customers. We have had glowing reports from customers and never a bad word. 

(Burns Beach WA)


Hi Paulette, My name is Angela, you did a reading for me in late December last year, I wanted to give you a confirmation, you told me that there was a lot of changes around me and lots of travel. You told me things will get tough but that I would be fine...and I am. The changes were that I lost my job and my financial security...but I'm ok :)   I thought I would lose my self worth, my job has often been my identity. I have learnt to trust myself and that I have the ability I need to move forward. I just started a job with flight centre, so there is the travel. And the best that I am ok :) Thank you :) (Perth)


Paulette..Winston here. I had a reading with you a couple of weeks back. I just had to thank you for the great reading and equally awesome chakra alignment. I have been more of my authentic self than I have been for ages. Hard to capture in words entirely but in short...been more of my natural self in all aspects of life, like honouring my feelings and not fearful by holding back my energy. I feel great and it's getting better every day. So I wanted to wish you a safe and joyful journey to sunny Queensland. And hope that fate decrees that our paths cross again. Much love, light and laughter to you! LIGHT WARRIOR WINNI (Perth)


Hi Paulette...I have been telling everyone I know about how incredible my experience was with you! I have told the other teacher, students, friends and people overseas as well! I've given away all the cards I took and have talked to people who sounded keen for a session! I cannot thank you enough for what you helped me with. I feel like myself again. I feel free and powerful. I'm so happy to have met you and I really feel like part of my journey to Australia was to get that incredible healing. I will keep referring people to you and keep talking to my students about how amazing my experience was and how amazing your work is! Thanks again Paulette. With Love Jordyn (Gold Coast QLD)


A friend of mine, who used to meet Paulette at Carrara Market, suggested me to contact her during a period of my life where I was confused in my Spiritual Journey. So when I felt ready - last March - I decided to contact Paulette for a healing. What an amazing woman with who I immediately felt comfortable and confident. All I can say is since that beautiful day, I went through a lot of changes in my Life and within myself for the best; even if emotionally I had a lot of up and down. But that is part of the process and I accept it more easily now thanks to the guidance of Paulette and the new habits I've adopted. Two months ago, Paulette contacted me about a new workshop she implemented recently, called - Welcoming the Goddess within you -, in three sessions. We started it on beginning of September and just finished the last session last week (end of October). After the first session my dreams gone more deeper. This workshop helps me a lot to understand what is going on in my Spiritual Journey and at the end, make me realize that there is nothing to worry about. I continue to observe more and more changes in my for example, few weeks ago, I naturally quitted (15 years) smoking after a dream I made, sounds incredible but that's true. Finally, I look forward to see more and more positive changes in my Life; Paulette provided me the right tools to make it true. Thank you so much my Lovely One for your support and guidance, I'm more happy today and I feel so blessed for having met you at the right time!

Love & Light

Emilie (Gold Coast)


Paulette Cartier is an amazing person. I have just finished the Goddess Within workshop and I couldn't be more happy with her way of explaining step by step every aspect of this workshop. Highly recommend this beautiful lady and the Goddess Within workshop

Yvonne (Gold Coast)


Esoteric Counselling ~ Hi Paulette.. It's Anna here. I came with Anthony to you. I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are of you.

You touched us both.. Your such a beautiful person and wish you nothing but the best. Keep doing what your doing. 

Anna (Gold Coast) 

Paulette is an beautiful woman and an amazing Psychic. She has helped me learn to trust myself through her readings. Her guidance and wisdom is one that you will never forget. I currently reside in WA but I call Paulette in QLD for over the phone readings which have been very accurate and I would recommend Paulette to anyone who is seeking those life path questions. 

Cathy (Perth)

Dear Paulette...I want you to know that you really helped me today. Recently I have been experiencing around once a day Joy so much, that it's (almost) overwhelming. Standing in front of your kind face hearing you say words that I know to be true gave me that Joy and I smiled, containing the huge lump in my throat all the way to Trafalgar Street. I then sat outside the council building soaking in even more joy from the mountains, from the smiling faces and I saw that some of their faces changed from fear, anger or whatever it was that was pulling them from the present, into the simple Joy of seeing a smiling face and being able to feel enough Joy to smile back. I suppose the reason I came to you today was the hope that meeting you would give me confidence that I can use my spiritual gifts to help people as you do. One of my gifts is to speak to people that have passed over as I speak to an Aunt in spirit whom I've never met (she died before I was born) A Beautiful connection. I'm letting you know through this letter that I am accepting my gifts with confidence which feels so good.

Thank you  Kia ora

Alison (Nelson)

Inner Alignment Workshop ~  I needed grounding and guidance and Paulette was so in tune with where I stood in my growth. For anyone looking to reach better self awareness, inner balance and have a set of powerful tools to feel grounded, I would recommend this course.

Sophie (Australia) 

Phone Reading ~ I had a reading with Paulette when I just finished high school. I was completely unsure of what to choose for further tertiary studies but thought nursing would be a safe bet. In my reading Paulette had told me she could see me doing Environmental Science and not a registered nurse. I had never taken an Environmental Science class during school but had been always interested in science and the environment though. So I decided to change my University studies tertiary top preference to Environmental Science. When the time came and my ATAR results were distributed. I found out that I just made it over the threshold to enter into the Environmental Science I had picked as my top preference. I studied and completed my bachelors degree and I’m now moving into a specialised field in the industry. The people I met, guidance I received, opportunities that appeared instantly, strange coincidences and perfect timing of everything worked out that I was able to get to where I am now. I enjoyed the journey during studies learning important values of self growth also along the way. I’m passionate about my work and very thankful that Paulette’s reading and guidance many years ago led me to this path which I believe is part of life’s purpose. 


Cheers and blessings

Ariane xx (Aust)

Intuitive Healing Reading ~ Hi Paulette. I just want to say thank you again. I left feeling very uplifted, supported and positive after what was to me a wonderful counselling and mirimiri. Also, probably not needing to say but your message regarding my housing situation was spot on. 

Hana (NZ) 15/08/23

Clairvoyant Reading face-to-face and Phone Reading ~ I've been working with Paulette for almost two years for both personal and business development. I find her readings to be accurate and insightful. She is refreshing to work with and accommodating with incredible gifts to connect with the Divine. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants some guidance while going through challenging times or simply wants to enhance your self healing journey.

With Love and gratitude from AZ Nelson, New Zealand  3/10/23


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