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Counsellor, Healer and

Clairvoyant Reader 

Nelson NZ

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Mini Workshops now available (1 hr)

Learn how to balance the flow of energy and become more at Peace within.

You will learn techniques that will help empower you and receive workshop materials to practice at home. Goes extremely well with Matariki Healing and Readings.

Any enquiries please email or phone me

Sacred Space Gatherings Available

Why not hold a pampering event at your place?

Sisterhood Gatherings

Mini workshops/Matariki Healings and of course Clairvoyant readings.

Whatever you would like, let me know and I'll design something special for you and your friends.



I utilise my skills, gifts and experience to help bring you to an understanding of yourself. To help Empower the Authentic You! With my team of guides/angels, I channel information from past lives, your guides/angels/family and friends in spirit.

Discover what your gifts are to create the life you desire for yourself.

I'll talk in depth about challenges you're facing and help you with solutions. The most common areas we all want to know is Love, Finance and Career. With the Earth changes moving so quickly at this point in time, we are requiring alot of Courage to transmute and own our Authentic Selves.

Moving forward in life will bring us Joy and Peace on many levels.

I'll answer any questions you have about your past, present and future. We are all heading to the blissful understanding of Self Mastery.

We are ready to transmute our fears which leads us into that Blissful state of

Self - Love, Self - Worth and Self - Respect.

These are the keys to creating what our Heart desires. This Reading is always in the flow of universal Love and Truth and the outcome is always of a Positive Nature.

"Using your Imagination for Creative thoughts rather than anxious thoughts allows you to play more in this world" 

PRICE: $70 - 30 mins       $95 - 45 mins    $120 - 1 hr




Matariki meaning Pleiades in Maori. I was shown this technique of healing from my guides when in my 30s. This energy works inter-dimensional and on multi-dimensional levels. All healing comes from the pure source of Divine Love.

Please remember that you are the healer and my guides and I are the tools and techniques. I clairvoyantly assist with your guides/angels and mine to help bring balance to your energy matrix. We re-align your energy systems to accommodate the light code filaments in balance with the dimensional shifts. We work in unison releasing energy blocks/etheric cords/trapped elementals/implants and past - life issues.

We will also help you anchor your light codes, balancing your light vibration and bring you to the solutions of your challenges and if required, why you chose at this time to come back to Lady Gaia (Earth). My guides and I channel the Crystalline Lemurian/Pleiadian vibration.

There are high vibrational frequencies been felt world wide and many people are experiencing cleansing, renewal and stepping up to their Authentic selves on many levels.

I'll  discuss with you all that has transpired after the healing. 


PRICE: $70 - 30 Mins         $130 - 1 Hr




I trained as a Counsellor through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and a

member of ACA.

With this knowledge under my belt, I've incorporated the Esoteric (not of the linear world) Dimensional Aspects of ourselves which to me are the most important.

We are governed by our bias's, culture and lineage. This creates habits that can be non-productive, depressing and debilitating.

 Humanity is changing and no longer do we accept  our egoic minds. We are striving to raise our consciousness. This allows Peace into our hearts.

We are multi-dimensional Beings. You will notice that our young people see life here on Earth so different to a generation before.

Instead of the black and white scenario of living, there's now colours of the Rainbow that shines it's Iridescence for all to see.

I specialise in Couples and Families that want a clearer understanding of their connection to each other but most importantly to themselves.

Sessions start from 30 mins $70


  "So when you become aware of your mind, you are not identified with your mind anymore.

A new dimension of consciousness has come in.

The madness is caused by thinking without awareness and thinking without awareness is how the ego keeps us in it's grip.

"Awakening to your life's Purpose" by Eckart Tolle     



When we have interference from outside influences, this would make our lives become quite stressful. There are a number of reasons why this happens.. negative densities held in crystalline grid, absorbing other's negativity, elementals that are still attached to this reality or very strong low frequency.

My Maori culture addresses this problem by being aware of these situations. We know that there is more around us than what the physical eyes can see. My guides and I have helped people of all ages/children and animals..

Land and homes also require clearings. There's a number of reasons for this but the most common are homes that have been lived in that might have the previous owners negative and echo energy. Even the land can hold imprints from aeons past - war/death and taking/fighting for ownership.

Whenever we move into a new home, it's always wise to clear and bless it..You can do this in many ways..the most common is burning a sage stick or saying the lords prayer whilst sprinkling water around the rooms.

N.B What has been mentioned gives you a general idea. Listen to your intuition and if you're feeling something is not quite right, please give me a call.


PRICE: $100 1 HR  

PRICE: $200 for Soul Retrieval & Possession. Please contact me if this feels what's happening to you.

Treating children under 15 yrs is free, a donation is accepted.








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