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To all my valued Clients

After years of keeping my service prices low, I'm having to increase them slightly to cover the costs other businesses I use, with their price increase.

Esoteric Practitioner

Life Coach, Healer and

Clairvoyant Reader 

Tauranga NZ

Mob: 021 990 723

Intl: +64 21 990 723

When you click on the "Buy Now" PayPal button, please scroll down past My PayPal account to "OR" Pay with Debit or Credit card. A PayPal Account Is Not Required. Many thanks

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15 MINS - $50

This time block is ideal if you have some questions that are requiring quick and understanding answers.

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30 MINS - $80

If you're wanting to know what's happening in your life, career or unsure of your future prospects including people and lifestyle then this block will serve you well.

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45 MINS - $100

This time frame allows us to discuss your life in greater detail. We'll explore your lifestyle and challenges. Know more about your gifts, past life issues and the reason certain people and experieces are in your life. We'll talk at length helping you bring your life back into balance.

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60 MINS - $130

This block will touch on all areas of your life that requires attention. My guides and I will access past lives, present situations, outmoded thinking and beliefs and also your gifts and talents. We'll tune into your energy field and realign whatever is out of sync. I'll discuss with you in-depth challenges, how to understand and transmute which allows you to be in balance.

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$150 for a 1.5 Hr Session

Life Coach- Esoteric - Helping you to navigate your life through Self-Empowerment. This includes techniques that bring about Balance to Mind, Body and Soul.

I will ring you when we both agree to a time. Charts incl with price

Outside AU/NZ will be a skype session. 

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Life Coach - Esoteric continuing

There are 1 hour sessions $100 after you have completed the initial 1.5 session with Esoteric Life Coaching. This helps you solidify Positive changes in your life. Please go to above PayPal button to pay.

Clairvoyant phone/skype readings

My phone/skype readings are the same as if you were sitting in front of me.

This is achieved by tuning into your Guides/Angels on higher Dimensional Realms

I'll look in any area of your life that requires enlightenment..

You might want a couple of questions answered (15 mins) or a in-depth reading (1 hr)

With our busy lives a lot of the times we're not able to make an appointment to see a 

Clairvoyant so this option is perfect for your needs.

This service does make it a more comfortable experience for some and if this sounds like you

or you have enquires about my service please contact me.

Intuitive Life Coach Sessions

Having sessions through phone calls or skype is available for you. 



 To book a reading:

Please email or text me when you would like me to ring/skype you...before you PAY...

Using PayPal is a matter of picking the time block and clicking on it. ($NZD) You do not need a PayPal can pay with a credit card.

Just follow the prompts and once I get your PayPal payment advice and we both agree on the time,

then I'll RING you anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

(Credit card facilities available with PayPal) 

If living in other parts of the world, befriend me and I'll skype you. 

paulettecartier_1 (skype name)

My Phone Readings help you Empower yourself..however Responsibility always starts with you.

You must be 18 yrs and over.


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Please note that there's no such thing as failure of any sort. Life is full of wonderous adventures albeit very trying at times. We live in a polarized world showing Light/Dark. The more we enlighten ourselves through knowing who we are individually, the more aware we are of our creations.

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