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Esoteric Practitioner

Life Coach, Healer &

Clairvoyant Reader 

Tauranga NZ

Mob: 021 990 723

Intl: +64 21 990 723

Intuitive Mentoring


I’m offering 1-hour sessions that help balance your natural health and wellbeing.

These one-on-one sessions include meditations, visualisations

and techniques of incorporating

grounding and breathwork in your everyday life.

We’ll touch on the wisdom in journaling and other modalities.


 Included in your sessions are worksheets.

Your investment ~ $50


I believe that what is termed “Mental health” in most cases is Spiritual health!

Most of us were NOT taught about the importance of loving/allowing and forgiving ourselves, and how powerful as Sovereign beings we truly are.

When we do not accept/love ourselves unconditionally, this will set us up for negativity, isolation and fear.

Yes, it is important that we go through life challenges and find solutions for our spiritual growth, however we don’t have to constantly be on that low frequency hamster wheel of drama to achieve our goals towards inner peace, joy and abundance.

Our hearts/intuition doesn’t know how to lie nor does our body, but our mind/ego does lie if we allow it.

By strengthening our belief in who we are through our hearts/intuition, our minds will action what is required in making our challenges easier to understand and transmute.


Anyone living outside of the Bay of Plenty, I give these sessions by phone and will email you the worksheets.

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With many years of Esoteric Experience and skills in Counselling, I offer one on one sessions that will enable you to reach targeted areas in your life for positive change.

 You will gain knowledge, insight and a renewed belief in yourself that has purpose. I’ll facilitate, encourage, inspire, teach and guide you in achieving your highest potential as an Empowered Individual, ready to take on any challenge through your increased Self-Awareness.



Life Coaching for Positive Growth and Success 

Some areas of interest are:

  • Requiring a balance with work and personal life

  • Personal relationships are suffering

  • Self-worth issues

  • Unsure of the future

  • Dissatisfaction in your work area

  • Blocked creativity 

Life Coaching can help you:   

  • Clarify your goals and come up with strategies to overcome each obstacle.

  • Gain a new perception through tools and techniques for your journey.

  • Attain greater self-awareness and understanding about yourself, your emotions and how to manage them in a healthy way.

  • Ability to adapt to change and conditions when called to.

  • Identify any outmoded belief systems and replace it with self-empowering actions.

  • Holding you accountable with the choices you make through empowering and supporting you, by giving you encouragement and honest feedback.


Esoteric Practitioner

 Information about my Esoteric Skills. I utilize my intuitive gifts which gives me insight to understanding the client and help them move through challenges that

presents itself on many levels. We are more than physical/material beings.

Humanity is learning to have Self-Compassionate Awareness that helps them become more whole and complete.


​                                                                                                  Investment

1.5 hr ~ $150 (incl. charts)

1 x hr ~ $100 ~ sessions follow the initial 1.5 hr assessment.

If you are requiring phone/skype sessions, please go to phone/skype page to pay.

I’ll design sessions that will suit your needs.

Intuitive Life Coach - Esoteric Practitioner

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